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    You can reach me anytime @cmckella. I'd love to hear from you!


    I'm Campbell.  This is my blog. I founded Loosecubes, an office sharing community, and live in New York City.

    I believe everyone has the power inside them to do something great.  Although not everyone aspires to greatness, I think you should.  I hope my blog will encourage you to take a couple steps forward every day. Let's do it together.



    Hi, I'm Campbell. I'm from Atlanta. I live in New York now and have had stints on the West Coast and in Boston. Unfortunately, I lost most of my southern accent sometime around 2001.  My road to starting Loosecubes in 2010 was a bit of a winding one.  Let's start for a moment in the spring of 1994.  It was a big day: the results of cheerleading tryouts were to be posted, along with the coach's selections for captains. Where I grew up, this was a big deal.* The following year was my senior year.  I'd been one of four juniors on the team and was fairly certain I would be selected to be the head cheerleader.   I finally slipped through the crowd of girls around the bulletin board to see the list. Stunned, I read the list three times. Not only was my name was not listed next to "Captain," it wasn't on the list at all.  I did what any good southern girl would do.  I sat down by the lockers and started crying.  

    Just kidding.  I marched myself into our coach's office and suggested she correct the typo.  It took quite a bit of back and forth, but eventually I was back on the team. I wasn't the captain, but I was back.  

    In that moment I learned a valuable lesson.  No doesn't always mean no.  It's hard to believe that was 17 years ago.  Since then, I've started a photography business and a nonprofit organization, posed as an investment banker, worked for a real estate developer, and started an internet company.  At every turn, someone wanted to say No. Someone wanted to tell me I couldn't do this or that because I didn't have the [experience/skills/balls]. And I may not have had those things (especially the balls part).  But you make your own destiny.  I'm not sure where I'll end up, but one thing's for sure: if I keep thinking big and taking small steps every day, it'll be somewhere great.  It already is.


     *Check out our school's football field, complete with cameos by former football coaches and players here.  Pretty big time, no?